Putting Green Etiqutte and How to Repair a Divot

Check out these 2 short videos from the USGA on Putting Green Etiquette and Divot Repair:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUzCaDzKg0k&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS4wbbtvyU4&feature=youtu.be&list=PLnU5qUEfww3cOAU8iTQTUpF5S4UqhXJka  

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And we are off….

As most of the snow has melted from the golf courses the race has begun to get the courses cleaned up from the winter and ready for another exciting golf season.  There are many different jobs that have to be accomplished in order to get the golf courses open for play with great conditions.  There [...]

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Turf Update and New Golf Ammenities Package

The 2017 golf season might not be in full swing, but we have certainly received an early preview courtesy of a mild winter to date from mother nature.  It has been great to see many of you out on the golf courses over the past week.  The turf team has adjusted from our typical February painting [...]

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River Rock and Sand added to # 4

This past week we continued to make improvements to hole # 4 on the West.  We added river rock to the creek bed we created down the left side of the hole.  We have also started what will become an aggressive sanding program on the fairway.  Along with the new drainage, the sand will help [...]

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New Sand Bins

The mild temperatures this January have given the turf team the opportunity to start building new sand bins to store bunker sand and topdressing.  The bins will help prevent the different sands from becoming contaminated as well as give the left of 6 East a cleaner appearance.

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Tree Removal 15 West

The cold temperatures earlier this week gave the turf team a great opportunity to get out on the course and start removing some of the dead and declining trees on the golf course.  The focus this week was on a group of Ash trees to the left of 15 fairway on the West.  The picture [...]

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New Sod

If you have played the West Course recently, you may have noticed we are adding new sod in strategic areas.  Many of the turf surfaces in our green and tee surrounds have large patches of bentgrass and poa annua that has encroached into our rough areas over the years.  These grasses are not desirable at [...]

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Fan on Four

If you have played golf on the West Course in the past few days, you might of noticed a giant fan blowing air across 4 green.  The turf maintenance team installed the fan to help generate air movement in an otherwise very stagnant and muggy corner of the golf course.  Air movement is an extremely important [...]

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The Dog Days of Summer

The current weather pattern seems to truly be the dog days of summer.  The cumulative effect of the high heat, humidity, and occasional thunderstorm over the past month have started to take a toll on the turf.  This summer has had high disease pressure on the surface coupled with above average daytime and nighttime temps taking a [...]

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2016 Turf Team

  Click on picture to enlarge       As we head into the home stretch of another summer season, I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the work of this years Turf Maintenance team.  The team members from left to right with years of service in parentheses. (Front Row):  Joe Zangari (33), Sam [...]

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It’s Hot Outside And So Is The Turf

 The HCC Turf Maintenance team is busy trying to keep the turf cool in what seems like an unending heat wave.  The excessive heat can have many negative effects on turf including disease, root decline, and thinning turf due to traffic and high temperatures.  In order to combat the heat, we are taking many preventative [...]

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Why artificial mats are used on Driving Ranges

I wanted to post this short video released by the USGA that does a nice job describing the need for artificial mats on the driving range tee.  It also describes some best practices for taking divots on the driving range tees to promote recovery.  We appreciate your help to keep the driving range looking green.   [...]

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Busy Bees

Just wanted to give a quick update on the HCC Bee’s.  Since they took up residence at HCC in April, the bee population has quadrupled in size and is thriving.  Ben Gotwalt, the HCC resident Bee Keeper has added 3 more boxes to each hive to accommodate the growing population.  The queen bees have been busy laying [...]

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How Can I Prevent Summer Stress On My Home Lawn?

Now that it is officially summer and the heat is starting to ramp up, I often times get questions about how to keep your lawn green all summer long.  There are a few basic tips that will help cut down on summer stress on your yard. 1.  Raise your mowing height.  No need to be [...]

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